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You've run out of gas, got stuck in the snow, or worse. These situations can be traumatic! Or with one simple phone call, they can be just a minor inconvenience. Call People's Insurance to learn more about our roadside assistance program.

That's right: for as little as $25 a year, you can have someone in your corner to help you out of a jam. It's a small price to pay for peace of mind!

At home, on the road, on the water, or on the slopes, People's Insurance has you covered. Quotes are FREE!

 •  You need a jump start

 •  You have a flat tire

 •  You've locked your keys in the car

 •  You need a tow

If breaking down or other mishaps seem to follow you wherever you go, ask about our "unlucky driver" programs. Don't push your luck. Call us today!

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